R/J Builders is capable of working with clients at any stage of the design and construction process.


Often before a client is in the design phase, they have a concept they’d like to get feedback on to begin planning. R/J Builders works as a trusted partner to give:

Rough estimates of total project cost

Ideas on materials and the relative cost of various project components

Timeline estimates

Architect referrals


During design, R/J Builders works closely with clients and architects to develop better designs that reflect real world construction:

Realistic timelines

In-House CAD

Material selection


During construction R/J Builders oversees all aspects of project delivery:

Securing permits

Managing project timeline

Material selection and acquisition

Project demolition and construction

Change order management

Planning and inspector approval

Final project delivery, review and client approval

Post Construction

After construction, R/J Builders works with clients to ensure that all work delivered performs to specifications:

Electrical and communications connections

Installed appliance fixtures in kitchens and restrooms

Performance of mission critical components such as server rooms and custom refrigeration